Art + Framing Today – April 2023

We are proud to be featured in the April 2023 issue of Art + Framing Today magazine. In it we introduce Picture Framing Training, share the concept behind it and give a brief backround on all of the trainers who are hosted on this umbrella site.

You can read the article by clicking on the image below:

aft article

Art + Framing Today began life as the Fine Art Trade Journal in 1905, it then became Art Business Today for 25 years from Spring 1991 before eventually becoming  Art + Framing Today to reflect the needs and aspirations of its modern Picture Framer and Artists readership.

If you’re new to the Picture Framing industry then we recommend that you subscribe to AFT via the Fine Art Trade Guild’s website. Alternatively, subscription is free as part of Fine Art Trade Guild membership. We highly encourage joining if you’re looking to take Guild Certified Framer examinations in the future.