Sport Shirt & Float Mounting Workshop

On May 1st, 2023, Martin Horneman GCF(APF) Adv. and Geertjan Alkema GCF(APF) Adv. gave a workshop on two topics. One topic was a technique for float framing paper artworks, and the other was on how to stretch a (sports) shirt in such a way so that it can be presented nicely in a frame.

This day was organized by Art-Frame, the Dutch trade association for framers, which plans a number of meet and learn meetings every year.

Workshop Class Photo
Martin Teaching Student Football Shirt Support
Class Supporting Football Shirts
Martin being asked question
Martin teaching
Workshop Class Photo

Geertjan started the morning by explaining how to use the ‘Hedgehog Method’ to float mount artwork on paper, using conservation techniques and materials. This method was invented by picture framer Roy Rowlands GCF. The work is attached to an undermount using ‘anchors and bridges’ in such a way that the paper can expand and contract permanently under the influence of temperature and moisture differences. After the explanation, everyone got to work practicing this method with small artworks and mountboards provided by Art-Frame.

After lunch, it was Martin’s turn. For each participant he had a T-shirt printed that they could use to practice the technique explained. They learned how to make a template and then cut out the shape in foamboard. The shirt can then be stretched over the foamboard with small pins before being fastened to an undermount. Everyone practiced this technique and learned how to do it in a correct way.

It was a successful day with 11 enthusiastic participants who all received a certificate as proof that they had completed the workshop. The workshop will likely be given again in the fall, and there are still some spots available.