Hand Finishing Moulding

Course Overview

This is a bespoke course tailored to your exact requirements within the time allowed. Students are encouraged to actively participate throughout. The aim is to produce a number of completed samples to take back to your workshop.  They will be the start of your hand-finishing portfolio, and mean that you will be ready to sell immediately. A number of elements can be achieved throughout the day, with more complicated or advanced finishes needing to be spread over two or more days.

Core subjects covered on all hand-finishing frames courses:

  1. Health and safety discussion
  2. Basics of wood types and their uses – including identifying problems to avoid
  3. Practical demonstrations on the importance of wood preparation
  4. Discussion on whether to finish in length, cut pieces or on joined frame
  5. Marketing your hand-finished frames to your customers
  6. Pricing – how to ensure you are covering your costs and making a profit
  7. Structured discussion on suppliers and materials to suit finishes used

Tailored content – please select options from the list below:


  1. Basic stains and paint finishes
  2. Lime wax – including how to create texture and finishes with stains and paint
  3. Multi layered paint options, with cut through and highlight colours
  4. Stacking mouldings and how to achieve a final ‘one moulding’ look
  5. Adding depth to mouldings then adding a seamless painted finish
  6. Textured paint finishes
  7. Washes
  8. Creating finishes on mountboard and fillets
  9. The finishing touch – protecting the finish and getting the frame ready for the artwork

Beyond the Basics

  1. Understanding metal leaf
  2. Preparing wood and materials for gilding
  3. Traditional methods or modern products – the pros and cons
  4. Basics of oil gilding
  5. Basics of water gilding
  6. Adding a wash
  7. Distressing
  8. The finishing touches – protecting the finish and getting the frame ready for the artwork

Fully bespoke

  1. Bring an item for framing and follow the project through from start to finish
  2. Reviewing your own project with in-person discussion and problem solving
  3. This element is available at the discretion of the course tutor and will require additional materials to be purchased by the student in advance. Course time will be allocated over a number of days as required, with the potential to split each full day course into half day allocations.

What you need to know

This course is available in: England.

Courses run throughout the year, and can be arranged directly with your chosen trainer.
Course Times – 9:30am – 4:30pm including breaks.

Bring with you: A notebook & pencil, any preferred small tools and your lunch. Also bring a face mask suitable for fine particle filtering and safety goggles or glasses if preferred for use when sanding.  On the fully bespoke course, bring your project item for framing and other necessary supplies as agreed in advance.

Cost: £450 inclusive of VAT where applicable.

The course is designed to be on a one-to-one basis. Subject to agreement, a second person from the same business can attend at a supplement of 50%.