Geertjan Alkema GCF(APF) Adv.

Geertjan Alkema GCG(APF) Adv
GCF Advanced: Textile Framing
GCF Advanced: Mount Design & Function
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Geertjan’s Bio

From 1982-2007 Geertjan worked as an Obstetrician. He had his own practice and, as is usual in The Netherlands, he delivered many babies at home. In 1990 he married Janneke, who was a physiotherapist. Janneke helped Geertjan with his work by making all of the appointments and doing most of the admin for the practice.  They have three children.

Although Geertjan loved his work, he thought about having another career, so he started his picture framing business in 2007 together with Janneke. They started their business in a small building next to their home and they were very lucky that they could buy their neighbours house in 2009, which transformed perfectly into a picture framing shop and workshop.

In 2012, Geertjan joined the Fine Art Trade Guild and became a Guild Commended Framer – GCF, which was converted in 2015 to Guild Certified Framer, GCF (APF).

From 2014 Geertjan took part in the Dutch Art-Frame Competition every year and has won many awards. In 2019 he was elected ‘Picture Framer of the Year’. Since 2017 he has sent in an entry for the Art & Framing Industry Awards and won the Guild Challenge Framing Award in 2017, 2018 and 2022.

In 2019 Geertjan became a member of the Framing Standards and Qualifications Committee (FSQC). He passed all three advanced exams: Conservation Framing and Mount Design and Function. He passed all three advanced module examinations. GCF Advanced: Conservation Framing, GCF Advanced: Textile Framing, and GCF Advanced: Mount Design & Function and became the Fine Art Trade Guild’s examiner for The Netherlands.

Alkema Lijstenmakerij was the first picture framing business in the Netherlands with someone holding an Advanced Qualification from the Guild. Meanwhile, both Geertjan and Janneke are fully qualified and hold all three possible Advanced Qualifications. Geertjan also became Fine Art Trade Guild examiner for the Netherlands.

Qualifications and Accreditations

  • Guild Accredited Trainer
  • GCF Advanced: Conservation Framing
  • GCF Advanced: Mount Design and Function
  • GCF Advanced: Textile Framing
  • Guild Certified Framer GCF(APF)


Schijndel, The Netherlands